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Make more informed choices with our pricing analytics, allow for predictability of impact and turn data into your most valuable asset.

Increase profits and revenues with science and data-driven decisions, leveraging sophisticated price elasticity, optimization and forecasting capabilities.

Take the guesswork out of pricing with our SaaS platform and subscription options.

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The perfect forecast doesn’t exist. However, if you could control the major factors contributing to demand, you could get close to perfection. If pricing is the steering wheel on the car, then...

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Our Team

VP Sales Charles Buffington implements our national sales plan and leads our entire sales effort. He is also a born leader involved in many professional and charitable organizations.

Founder and Head of Strategy Cliff Isaacson shrewdly positions our product roadmap, guides customer and market requirements, and leads the charge on strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities. He also likes solving problems while he runs.

VP Marketing Lauren Holmes fearlessly leads our marketing efforts to keep you in the know. A former Ritz-Carlton employee and self-described quality nerd, she makes sure we educate and communicate with you throughout your entire customer experience.

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280 Interstate N Cir SE Atlanta, GA


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